Eating Our Way Through The LA Street Food Fest 3rd Annual Summer Tasting Event

by Emily Green · July 24, 2012

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    Los Angeles has been one of the pioneering cities of the food truck trend that's grown over the last few years and nowhere was our food truck game stronger, with as many tasty flavors and as much variety to sample than the LA Street Food Fest's 3rd Annual Summer Tasting Event on Saturday. Because we're very thoughtful, we want to offer you readers a disclaimer with this post before going any further: if you're hungry or PMSing, this probably isn't going to help.

    For the 3rd Annual Summer Tasting Event, the LA Street Food Fest took over the Rose Bowl on Saturday for L.A.'s largest and most affordable tasting event. A $45 ticket gave guests access to go completely hog on as much food and drink as they could possibly stomach. But with over 100 different vendors comprising this year's tasting, we doubt a single human could have possibly covered them all. The fest featured everything from gourmet food trucks like Kogi and Border Grill, street carts, local loncheros, to offerings from some of L.A.'s top restaurants and chefs like Lazy Ox Canteen and Short Order, plus various bars with wine and tequila tastings.

    Oh, and for those with room for dessert, there was an entire Ice Cream Social section where guests could stock up on as much ice cream (ideal for the weekend's sweltering summer heat), churros, doughnuts and other sweet treats to eat themselves into utter oblivion. Hopefully people were smart enough to line their pockets and purses with Ziplocks because everyone knows leftovers are the holy grail of snack time food.

    Based on the crowds we saw enjoying all the deliciousness on display, whether it was strictly street or gourmet, it's safe to say this year's Summer Tasting Event was a swimming success, and absolutely no one left hungry.

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