Everyone Wears A Costume At SKYBAR's Halloween Party

by guestofaguest · November 2, 2010

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    Guess what else the Mondrian's SKYBAR is good for? Arabian Nights Halloween parties, duh. On Halloween night, the Sunset Strip destination hosted a party where all guests were encouraged to respectfully observe the holiday with a costume. After all, costumes are pretty much all the fun of Halloween parties.  They set the parties apart from your standard night out on the town, even becoming the reason we actually go out, and almost make all the absurd traffic (thank you, West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval and LAPD cavalry) getting to them worth it.

    Guests enjoyed the poolside party with drinks, tunes by DJ Joe Greto, and entertainment in the form of fire dancers and belly dancers to fit the the theme. Thanks to the costume requirement, everyone was in their Halloween finest, giving us wide-ranging display of concepts, from Button Candy and Bacon & Eggs to Darth Vader.

    Although it's certainly not a creative or clever one, there's something so hilarious about a cow costume. I mean, a guy partying his heart out dressed in a head-to-toe cow suit is pure comedy.  A+ to the SKYBAR's Arabian Nights party guests for capturing the spirit of the holiday and showing us what Halloween is all about.