Fashion Crimes From The SAG After Party Red Carpet

by guestofaguest · February 2, 2011

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    It's award season in Hollywood, ladies and gentlemen! This is the time to look fresh and hit the best after parties in your most fashionable digs. While some people step up their game and dress the part, others fall way short of the mark and stumble into disaster territory.

    The Golden Globes are behind us and we still have a month countdown to the Oscars, so the SAG Awards were a great filler with new nominees to bet on and post celebrations to attend. With all of the red carpets, photographers, and fans with cameras, award season is definitely the time to don your most chic looks. Unfortunately, some guests at the F.A.M.E. SAG after party didn't get the memo. Take a look a some of the night's biggest style missteps:

    As expected, a plethora of misguided fedoras... The corny suit and fedora are one thing, but WHAT is with the facial hair? Is the goal here to look like he's wearing on thong on his face?

    Someone took Black Swan very literally...

    No. Just... No.

    We're not 100% sure, but if we had to guess we'd say there were special instructions on the invites for the men to wear their most heinous shirt.

    OMG who brought Snooki as their date?

    Prom. Gone. Wrong.