The 9th Annual Nightlife Awards Showcases Music, Comedy, And Bruce Vilanch's Visage

by Rebecca Brunn · February 1, 2011

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    The 9th Annual Nightlife Awards drew some colorful characters to The Town Hall last night to celebrate the best in cabaret, comedy, and all-around fabulousness.

    Bruce Vilanch was tapped to host this year's Nightlife Awards, which had a bit of a different spin on it than most award shows. Forget the tedium and melodrama of acceptance speeches, these winners step it up and show it off with performances of their prizewinning acts once the envelope is opened. Though there weren't many huge names, this awards show gains my immediate respect for honoring the Harvard Sailing Team for Outstanding Comedy Group (hun-cal fro-yo, anyone?) [YouTube]

    This cute lil' ukulele player has an age old decision to or green?

    Oh, you know, just checkin' out some merch for my grandkids.

    They stayed huddled in the theater...

    Took in the masterful ceremony of it all...

    Until they were so overwhelmed with the cabaret of it all that they had to leave...