Five Things We Learned At The Nolet Gin Tasting

by Maya Burkenroad · November 4, 2010

    Nolet hosted a gin tasting at downtown's First & Hope downtown that was the first launch of a liquor NOT backed by Diddy. And we thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, we even learned a few things:

    1. Gin does not need to make you throw up in your mouth. 2. Bombay Sapphire is only for the iron stomach (like, seriously only strong-stomached individuals, we cannot believe we've consumed this before...). 3. A "spit cup" does not solely exist in saloons. 4. High proof alcohol is made strong to balance the flavors, and isn't solely for getting you completely hammered. 5. Strip mall restaurants rule. Especially ones whose name simply reflect the corner they are on. First & Hope, thank you for doing your part in helping us use our brain instead of Google Maps.


    - -

    Joined by the likes of The Supperhero himself, Shane Martin, Aidan Demarest, beverage director of First & Hope, and Joshua Lurie we enjoyed a tasting menu to launch us into the holidays. With items like pecan crusted partridge, how can you not think of Christmas?

    Nothing like a playlist of Otis Redding, Norah Jones, and Frank Sinatra, and a waiter that made us wonder if John Slattery has an older less fortunate brother, to put us in the mood. If you know what we mean...

    We even got to take home a bottle of the Nolet Silver, which tops any item we've ever gotten in a swag bag. #swagwin