Getting Pampered For Charity At Cure In The Canyons

by Zoe Brunn · October 6, 2010

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    Amazing chefs, fancy cocktails, makeup, spa treatments and wine tasting? Talk about luxurious perks, and all for a great cause.

    The unique style fest for breast cancer research, Cure in the Canyons, came back for another extravagant celebration on Sunday at a palace-like residence in Beverly Hills. Everyone loves getting pampered for a good cause, with guest ticket sales benefiting cancer research, but this event took indulgence to a whole new level.

    Attendees wandered the style haven with live music in the background to find massages, mani/pedis, beauty products, entertainment demos, and delicious snacks and premier alcohols available for their enjoyment. Gourmet brands like Le Cakerie, Vosges Haute Chocolat, New Zealand Natural Ice Cream, Salsa Di Matia, Organic Artisans just to name a few dished out yummy treats to maximize the experience.

    Ladies didn't have to worry about dragging their men around--there was a men's only lounge where men escaped the spa treatments and enjoyed the best beers, exotic sports cars, and technology demos. Contributing to a cause by enjoying a day of rest and relaxation was truly a win-win situation for all.