Guest Of A Guest L.A. Launch Party

by Emily Green · April 12, 2010

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    On Saturday we hosted the much anticipated launch party for our L.A. site with the help of Veev and Jetsetter to celebrate our expansion to the west coast. For our afternoon of cocktails and laid-back California socializing, a location that captures the essence of this town, but doesn't reek of trendy try-hard, was key.  Myles Hendrik, Rachelle HruskaWe chose the Mondrian's Skybar as the venue, a staple destination that's been around for years but has been able to maintain it's appeal, and the perfect spot to make a proper introduction of Guest of a Guest to L.A.'s finest.  With the Modrian's panoramic views of L.A. as a backdrop, guests enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with one of the town's most sought after DJ's and prominent tastemakers, Myles Hendrik, spinning and special cocktails courtesy of Veev. Guests lounged poolside on the hotel's cushy chaise's and buzzed around inside the cabana where most of the action was happening when it was time for a refill.

    What L.A. event would be complete without a little bit of showbiz thrown into the mix? Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss of Facebook fame arrived with what seemed like body doubles but were really Josh Pence and Armie Hammer, the actors who play them in the upcoming Aaron Sorkin film,  "The Social Network" [The Faces of Facebook The Movie].

    The party crowd had the ideal balance of L.A.'s distinguished players, young artsy hipsters in all their regalia, and bit of Hollywood and industry-types for good measure.  Unlike many of the events here,  we managed to incorporate all sectors of L.A.'s complex network of social circles and bring them together in celebration of our newly launch site.