Guests Graffiti Their Way Into The Banksy Film Premiere

by Emily Green · April 13, 2010

    Last night, internationally renown street artist Banksy premiered his first feature film Exit Through The Gift Shop at downtown's Los Angeles Theater. The graffiti master, who thrives on mystique and making the capitalist society we live in hungry for his antics, did not reveal the location of the evening premiere until the afternoon of.  But the short notice didn't affect the turnout for his film's debut. A slew of famous faces such as Scott Caan, Juliette Lewis, Tony Hawk, and Joaquin Phoenix, walked a graffitied red carpet where they were "encouraged to interact with and personalize the installations" on their way into the theater. Meaning, take to the parked milk truck and limo like a true vandal with a can of spray paint and do your thing.

    In addition to facilitating living out your fantasies of being an urban hoodlum with some graffiti time (which looks fun), the premiere boasted several other features that set it apart from your typical screening: cocktail servers hidden under knits, a ski-masked pianist performing in the lobby, and children serving drinks from behind the dry bar. We're totally serious. Guests were placing drink orders with nine year-olds.

    Congrats Banksy, you've succeeded in making a mockery of the entertainment industry's traditions and made us all look really silly. Bravo.

    [All photos via thecobrasnake]