Hollywood's Latest It Girls Premiere Their Newest Ventures

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · March 25, 2010

    [All photos by Andreas Branch for PMc] LA is filled with all of the "next big things" and people who are just waiting for their moment in the spotlight. Well, last night two of the hottest up-and-comers stepped out to show the city what they've got.


    Stacey Clark received some buzz when she debuted her line Odilon at LA Fashion Week last year, but she really got attention when she revealed her designs at the Bryant Park Hotel during the most recent NY Fashion Week. Critics said the 23-year-old's collection rivaled those from the fashion veterans across the street in the white tents. Appropriate buzz ensues...

    Back in Los Angeles last night, Stacey presented the attention-grabbing line at Eighth Veil. Along with the line, Stacey premiered Alia Raza's film, Dual, a collaboration between the two and Jessica Trent.

    The budding filmmaker, Alia, has friends in high places... Chloë Sevigny, Devendra Banhart and Margherita Missoni have all starred in her shorts. With that much backing, the films should be pretty good, no?

    The latest stars the talented artist, Annakim Violette, and features clothing by Odilon.

    Who knows? We might have the next Georgina Chapman or Kathryn Bigelow on our hands... or not. It is Hollywood, after all!

    Clay Webster, Flavie Webster, Emma Josephson, Steve Clark

    Kerry Krogstad, Jules Gonzalez, Micha Clark, Lynn Kloy

    Michael Flores, Lisa Madonna, Jessica Trent, Ezra Woods

    Kerry Krogstad, Summer Harrison, Annakim Violette, Stacey Clark