Is an L.A. party even an L.A. party unless there are shirtless guys in luxury activewear doing pull-ups and serving drinks? Earlier this month, that was just the scene at Levitation Activewear's "New Year, New You" bash at Mansion Fitness, a posh studio that looks more like a lounge than a gym. Hey, we're not complaining. The exclusive event saw guests including LGBT activist Chandi Moore, LA-based jewelry designer Kyle Chan, and LA Pride President Chris Classen partying alongside Levitation Activewear CEO Sean Scott and Mansion Fitness’ Owner Darren Misaresh. Of course, there were cocktails in hand - organic, gluten-free ones that is, courtesy of Blue Ice Vodka. When the fit partygoers weren't breaking a sweat watching Mansion's trainers give workout tutorials, they were dancing to the sounds of DJ 4TIFY.

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