Inside NYC Transplant Esme Brown's 21st Birthday

by guestofaguest · October 17, 2011


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    Making the move to a new city is a big adjustment and can be quite a trying process, but Friday night at her birthday celebration for the big 2-1, it was clear Esme Brown, a friend of GofG L.A., has made the transition from NYC to the City of Angels like a pro, which you'll get to see for yourself on her upcoming Ryan Seacrest-produced reality show.

    Turning another year older has never felt so great than when it's your 21st, a momentous milestone in any young American's life that means liberation from fake ID drama and no longer having to map out an exit strategy should the club/bar/whatever place the law says you're not allowed to be get a surprise pop-in cop raid to sniff out the underagers.  These once major concerns are suddenly lifted when we turn 21, making this particular birthday extra cause for celebration.

    In the case of Esme, who moved out here about two years ago, she rang in her 21st at Nobu on La Cienega with 30 of her nearest and dearest in a private dining room where guests enjoyed wine, cocktails, birthday shots and an inordinate amount of delicious food. Many a familiar native Angeleno face were in attendance to help celebrate Esme and her big day. She was joined by her doting boyfriend Iskander Lemseffer, owner and curator of LAB Art, the newly opened gallery on La Brea that boasts the biggest collection of street art in the country. On top of solidifying a tight network of friends here and landing a boyfriend, Esme has also managed to score a Ryan Seacrest Productions reality show about dating in L.A. and navigating its social landscape called "Pretty Single." Not too shabby...

    The night ended with toasts from friends new and old, a horribly off-key but well-meaning rendition of "Happy Birthday" and a giant cake is the shape of a pink elephant.  Take a look at our photos from the night and get familiar with one of reality TV's soon to be stars.

    Esme Brown, Crystal Hunt

    Mike Silverman, David Pashaie

    Esme Brown, Iskander Lemseffer, Courtenay Semel

    Matt Kornberg, Morgan Stewart

    Esme Brown, Iskander Lemseffer

    Kathy Yedor