Inside The Real Future Of Romance With Alexis Madrigal 1

Can you feel the love tonight? On July 8th in Los Angeles, over 200 attendees certainly did by exploring the concept of modern love with Fusion and Alexis Madrigal at the Real Future of Romance. This event offered an in-depth examination into technology's role in "the human quest for love in our modern world."Fusion's unique event focused on live journalism, from investigative reports to a mini-documentary about teledildonics (sex toys controlled via computer). It was presented in thought-provoking stories told on-stage, bringing together technology and biology to help the audience understand the new world of love we live in.

Along with being a learning experience, the event was also an interactive one. There were texting polls, use of social media, and phone usage that was threaded through on-stage performances. For instance, in "The Data Game," an updated version of "The Dating Game," a bachelor from the audience was propositioned by three ladies, with a special twist: one of them was a robot!

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