Jagermeister and Paul Oakenfold Host L.A.'s First Jager Stag's Club

On Saturday, September 27th, legendary DJ and music producer Paul Oakenfold joined Jägermeister for L.A.'s first ever #JagerStag'sClub. Hosted at his own home in the Hollywood Hills, Oakenfold and his guests, including Carrie Keagan, Amy Pham, and Pia Toscano, enjoyed a 56-ingredient bar and customized cocktails by master mixologist Jason Bran. The influencer-filled bash featured a "forbidden forest," a photo booth bed, and plenty of Jager-infused bites, like seared ahi tuna with Jäger wasabi aioli. Missed the party? Click through for more pics from the epic night!

Where: Paul Oakenfold's Private Residence

Who was there: Guests included Paul Oakenfold, Carrie Keagan, Lupe Fuentes, Jaime Murray, Amy Pham, Patsy Palmer, Pia Toscano, Elle Evans, Shana Hiatt, Kevin Collins, Matthew J. Nordgren and Dr. Bernd Fischer.

[Photos by Sonny Guillen]