John Legend & Stella Artois 'Host Beautifully' With An Evening In The Clouds

These days, brands must sell experiences along with their products; they must exhibit a certain je ne sais quoi to remain relevant in an ever-changing marketplace. Stella Artois showed their prowess in offering a great experience by launching "The A-Z Guide to Host Beautifully", which in their words is, "an expert-developed guide to inspire the next generation of great hosts." How else to celebrate the kick-off? With an upscale, perfectly curated event of course, which we had the chance to attend on Monday night. Called "An Evening in the Clouds" and held outdoors at Disney's Golden Oak Ranch, the event was far enough away from the hub of L.A. to make you feel like you were in another world...or maybe just up in the clouds for a little while?

The night started out with "cocktails" (Stella Artois or Cidre) and a picturesque view of the ranch, followed up by a five course dinner curated by Chef Aliya LeeKong. But the highlight of the evening was an intimate, acoustic set by John Legend midway through dinner. Even the most jaded L.A. cool kids could be seen singing along, swept up by Legend's effervescent charm (okay, maybe it was that lilting voice). After dinner, guests capped off the night not only with the usual chocolate dessert, but also hot air balloon rides. NBD. We're taking a few notes from Stella Artois for future hosting of our own, and you can get started on creating amazing hosting experiences on your own by checking out the guide to Hosting Beautifully here.

[Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Stella Artois]