Kelly & Sharon Osbourne Help Celebrate WeHo's Gayest Day Of The Year

by guestofaguest · June 14, 2010

    Kelly Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne

    It's no secret that West Hollywood is the unofficial gay capital of Southern California, so it's only appropriate that the weekend's 2010 L.A. LGBT Pride Festival be held there to celebrate 40 years. Rainbows, glitter and wigs filled the impeccable WeHo city streets for a weekend of celebratory entertainment. Festivities included dance pavilions, food and drink stands, live music performances and lot's of shirtless men flaunting their tan, hairless, chests.  But the highlight of the weekend was the Pride Parade, with this year's grand marshals, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne.  The two led the colorful brigade of homosexual pride and acceptance down Santa Monica Blvd. from Crescent Heights to Robertson.

    Unfortunately, some haters crashed the party to protest and spew homophobic slurs and obscenities, but trust the very vocal (and potty-mouthed) mother-daughter duo did not let that fly.  Sharon took hold of the mic and scolded the haters, and then Kelly joined in to say "my god loves gays!" The crowd rejoiced at the ladies' declarations and did not let a little misguided ignorance and hatred get their tranny panties in a twist or spoil any of the day's delight.

    [All photos by WENN via, and by Brian Putnam via]