L.A. Hipsters Get Wet For The Flaunt + Cohesive Holiday Party With Chief & White Arrows

by THEO HENDRIX · December 21, 2010

    "@WhitePeacockEC: @whitearrows just did to every pair of panties in the room at Teddys, what the rain has been doing to LA." Nick Foster, Josh Scroggins

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    L.A.'s indies and club kids are the toughest of this city's sorry population since they were all at Teddy's last night for the Flaunt Magazine and Cohesive & Co. Holiday Party while the rest of us were sucking our thumbs at home whining to each other about the rain. These ride or die bitches were so strong in numbers that due to the high volume of dirty hipster hair filling the premises, many who came out never made it inside. Meaning they waited outside, in the rain, some for hours. And a tip of the vintage bomber hat to them!

    Trevor McFedries aka Skeet Skeet

    For those who were lucky enough to make it into the party and didn't care about their newly acquired eau de wet dog, the night was filled with L.A. holiday fun.

    As if everyone wasn't damp enough, hometown heroes White Arrows and Chief played sets so good, they made the Teddy's crowd get wet the same way it does when Myles Hendrik plays The Smiths' "This Charming Man" at 1:40am on a Friday (well technically Saturday, but you know what I mean). And with @WhitePeacockEC's comment above, you can take that to mean whatever you like.