Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills & OC Invade Santa Monica For The L.a.+JO Launch

by guestofaguest · December 21, 2010

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    Meeeowww! The town of Santa Monica ducked for cover Thursday night when some of Bravo's "Real Housewives" of Beverly Hills and Orange County came out for the Santa Monica Place opening of the new L.a.+JO boutique. But there was nothing to worry about as the ladies seemed to have retracted their claws and were on their best behavior for the night. Meaning lots of air kisses and "hey beautiful's" instead of cougar cat fights.

    Taylor Armstrong, Lynne Curtain Taylor Armstrong, Lynne Curtain

    As fate would have it, the event just happened to be taking place while the much hyped Beverly Hills dinner party from hell episode we've been awaiting all season was airing, which, by the way, was so off-the-charts horrifyingly good that it surpassed our expectations. Guests in attendance to help celebrate the new addition to the ever-growing Santa Monica Place included Taylor Armstrong, Lynne Curtain, Cassidy Lehrman, Crystal Hoang, Katie Cleary, and Keltie Colleen.

    Taylor Armstrong, Lynne CurtainKeltie Colleen Taylor Armstrong, Lynne Curtain, Keltie Colleen

    Lynne CurtainTaylor Armstrong, Katie Cleary Lynne Curtain, Taylor Armstrong, Katie Cleary

    Crystal Hoang Crystal Hoang, party guests

    Taylor ArmstrongCassidy Lehrman Taylor Armstrong, Cassidy Lehrman