LA Lords Gay Speed Dating


    Speed dating is back en vogue, my dears—but not for the straights. A clique by the name of LA Lords is hosting very exclusive, cool speed dating for gay men and women every few weeks downtown.

    Set in a sleek loft in the Warehouse District, up to 32 guys or girls (depending on the night) have the privilege of having some of the best 3 – 5 minute dates they’ve ever had. The environment is incredibly welcoming and fun, with drinks and finger foods on hand to ease the intimidation that comes with the territory, making it a treat for lone wolves and packs of friends attending.

    Attracting quite diverse crowds, LA Lords have profited over the past few months solely from a ravenous viral ad campaign, actively Twittering, and word of mouth. They’ve hit a great niche of gay men and women and are quickly gaining ground on being an “IT” spot to meet people.

    For a group that has only been hosting events on and off since August, the guys have it down to a science. Set to quick jams by The Presets and La Roux, the night moves fluidly, jumping you from 3-minute-date to 3-minute-date. Each date, you are to discreetly note if you think the person you dated is worthy of “Friendship” or “Dating.”

    After this Friday or Saturday, 8PM – 10:30PM pre-game of a dating event, you input your data onto their website. Here, you note who you want as a friend, date, or simply aren’t interested in. Whoever you also matched as a “friend” or “date,” you will be given their information to make the first move.

    The LA Lords have successfully stripped speed dating of all cheese ball aspects and made the fad completely cool again. From the environment to their handy Flickr page (where you can view headshots taken of each date, up to 72 hours after the event), this is one event gay singles in Los Angeles CANNOT miss out on.