Last Night's Parties: Fashionistas Design Custom Simone Leather At Chateau, Jessica Alba Toasts A Model's Foray Into Writing

by guestofaguest · June 23, 2011

    [Erin Smith photo via] The L.A. fashion set designs custom leather jackets at the Simone Summer Cocktail Soiree at Chateau; LACMA's Costume Council gives guests a sneak peek of the upcoming Cirque Du Soleil show and it's many elaborate costumes; Jessica Alba helps model Agatha Relota celebrate becoming an author—Wednesday night was less about Hollywood and the entertainment industry, and more about fashion and the arts and it all went down at last night's parties.



    Simone Summer Cocktail Party

    Where: Chateau Marmont Who Was There: Amanda Luttrell Garrigus, Cameron Silver, George Kotsiopoulos, Jessica Paster, Katie Nehra, Sari Tuschman, Jessica Kerr, Erin Smith. Other Details: A hip crowd of stylists and L.A.'s fashion set gathered at Chateau Marmont for a summer soiree in honor of the Fall 2011 collection for Simone. The line's designer Katie Nehra was on hand to work with guests to design their own custom leather jackets in between air-kisses and sipping cocktails at the iconic hotel. While most of us still need to catch up on getting our summer wardrobe essentials, attendees of last night's cocktail party were also able to get a head-start on putting their most fashionable foot forward into next season with the Simone Fall collection available for pre-order.  [Katie Nehra photo via]

    LACMA Presents The Costumes of IRIS from Cirque du Soleil: Characters by Design

    Where: LACMA Who Was There: Adrienne Horwitch, Alan Spooner, Alexa Scharff, Ali Rahimi, Alison Caan, Angela Weltman, Anne Albright de Bonrepos, Ari Sheuhmelian, Ava Safan, Barbara Barielle, Barbara Moore, Barbara Nichols, Betty Leonard, Bob Ray Offenhauser, Bobbe Bramson, Carolyn Wagner, Cheryl Van Tassel, Cindy Fields, Clark Smith, Claudia DeKoven, Cristi Silva, Danny Sarnoff, David Spaid, Diva Verman, Edwin Cooper, Elizabath Matthews, Elizabeth Leanse, Elizabeth Matthews, Ellen Levy-Sarnoff, Emily Bernhardt, Erin Weinger, Esther Ginsberg, Evelyne Ouellet, Galina Sobolev, Geo Nicol, Gloria Bias, Greer Saunders, Gunilla Huraek, Gwenael Salha, Harry Eden, Harvey Rosen, Hellen Cooper, Hildegard Lindsey, Igor Avramenko, Ilona Kononova, Irene Ribner, Jacqueline O'Brien, Jake Dow, Janice Wallace, Jasmine Manesh, Jennifer Elias, Jieun Yue, Jim Watterson, Joan St Claire, Joey Thate, John Barle, John Barley, John Stone, Jonah Blechman, Jonathan Griffin, Joni Smith, Joshua Weltman, Judy Chang, Julie Williamson, Katherine Huang, Kathleen Bush, Kathy Burdoff, Kathy Offenhauser, Kim Barry, Laura Wong, Lauren Katz, Laurie Brucker, Leandra McPartland, Lindsay Hines, Lori Krauss, Lyle Williamson, Lynn Baback, Marcia Spaid, Marcy Miller, Margaret Rowe, Margo Silver, Margurite Marsh, Mariam Eden, Marie MacLennan, Marlena Evarone, Marlene Evarone, Martha Koplin, Michael Lindsey, Mickee Rasilowicz, Nancy Kahn, Naomi Meneses, Peggy Knight, Philippe Guillote, Rob Zamora, Robert Marsh, Robin Haim, Rosalyn Sidewater, Sandi Haveson, Sarah Gallop, Sarah Lundeen, Sharon Takeda, Shelli Place, Sherri Sylvester, Sonia Ete, Stephanie Ames, Stephanie Helms, Stephanie Kim-West, Susan Allen, Susan Leslie, Susan Rifkin, Suzanne Kahne, Suzette Wachtel, Ted Barba, Thierry Ete, Tina Kahn, Toni Yamin, Zoe Poore. Other Details: The Costume Council of LACMA welcomed guests for a behind-the-scenes look at the many fanciful costumes of Cirque Du Soleil from over the years. The night also featured a preview of Cirque Du Soleil's upcoming major production IRIS A Journey Through the World of Cinema, created exclusively for Hollywood's Kodak Theatre by renowned choreographer/director Philippe Decouflé. Costume designer Philippe Guillotel gave guests a special presentation of the costumes for IRIS and the craft of designing them, followed by a cocktail reception. [Photo via]

    Agatha Relota's "Carla and Leo's World of Dance" Book Launch

    Where: Dragon Books Who Was There: Agatha Relota, Alex Munoz, Ben Gordon, Bill Reed, Brandon Burgess, Cassandra Joffre, Deli Cole, Desiree Ontiveros, Donald Miller, Donald Miller, Glenn Kagan, Jackie Becker, Janet Dane, Jay Penske, Jayne Walker, Jessica Alba, Joshua Fearnley, Katie LaBarge, Kayla Tulakian, Kimberly Reed, Lauren Gullion, Lucy Tarakjin, Maritza Jones, Matt Walker, Maura McCoy, Megan Lasken, Melanie Elizabeth, Michael Davis, Michelle Luczo, Mike Mikowsky, Nick Grosvenor, Oriol Servia, Paul Wolnough, Sean Kagan, Staci Kagan, Stephen J. Luczo, Terri Seymour, Tony Walker. Other Details: Who says models don't know how to read? Model-turned-author Agatha Relota proved otherwise with the release of her book Carla & Leo's World of Dance. Sure, it's a children's novel about dancing but she still had to be literate to pen it, right? With the help of a very pregnant Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren, last night Relota celebrated the launch of her publication at Dragon Books where guests were invited to bring their kids along and have balloon animals made special just for them. [Photo via]

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