Last Night's Parties: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman & Friends Bring Major Star Power To "Bosses" Premiere, Gavin Rossdale Sings At Malibu Inn Opening & More...

by guestofaguest · July 1, 2011

    Jason Bateman, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Aniston and many more of the biggest stars in comedy strut their stuff at the Horrible Bosses premiere; Brody Jenner asks Gavin Rossdale to sign his copy of Sixteen Stone (we speculate) at the Grand Opening for the redesigned Malibu Inn; Christina Ricci headlines a group of art enthusiasts checking out the decade-in-the-making group show opening at OH Wow Los Angeles—before you begin your holiday weekend bender, savor this last pre-4th of July edition of Last Night's Parties. [Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Julie Bowen photo via]

    Horrible Bosses Premiere

    Where: Grauman's Chinese Theatre Who Was There: Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Julie Bowen, Alyssa Milano, Brett Ratner, Craig Robinson, Ioan Gruffudd, Isaiah Mustafa, Jenna Elfman, Jesse Metcalfe, Mayim Bialik, Oscar Nunez, Sue Kroll, Zachary Levi, John Francis Daley, Brittany Loren, Amanda Anka, Lindsay Sloane, Nicholas D'Agosto, Justin Theroux. Other Details: Even without co-stars Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey, the stars were out in force at the red carpet premiere for this boss-killing comedy flick. Decked out in Balenciaga, an extremely happy-looking Jennifer Aniston signed countless autographs and gushed to the press about her new tattoo, while Alyssa Milano showed off a very pregnant figure to the cameras. Hopefully Jason Bateman and Jamie Foxx discussed the black/white buddy cop comedy they were born to make, which could potentially be as good as Miami Vice was bad. [Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx photo via]

    Malibu Inn Grand Opening

    Where: Malibu Inn Who Was There: Gavin Rossdale, George Blodwell, Brody Jenner, d'Manti, Steven Hakim, Alex Hakim, Pascal Stansfield, Kristen Ruhlin. Other Details: Although the revamped Malibu Inn has been open for the past two months, it wouldn't feel right to throw its Grand Opening until summer was in full swing. And whatever time machine new owners Alex and Steven Hakim used to replicate so much of the classic look of the venue, they must have also used to go pick up Gavin Rossdale, who played a live set while guests sampled food and cocktails and took in an acrobatic show. In a nod to the Inn's wild older days, a group of models was seen frolicking through the party wearing nothing but body paint. And oh yeah, something called a "Brody Jenner" was there, too.

    [Gavin Rossdale photo via]


    OHWOW Los Angeles "Post 9-11" Group Show

    Where: OHWow Los Angeles Who Was There: Christina Ricci, Ryan McGinley, Nate Lowman, Noot Seear, Michelle Maccarone, Lauri Firstenberg, Corazon, Leila Hamidi, Aaron Bondaroff, Adam McEwan, Lisa Love, Aiko Yamada, Al Moran, Alanna Drasin, Alex Couri, Alex Marshall, Alex Sagalchik, Allison Littrell, Andrea Wilson, Andrew Ableson, Leo Fitzpatrick, Dean Lynch, Roman Alonso, Rosson Crowe, Mils Moran, Natasha Bray, Shark Toof, Danny Comden, Casey Buchanan, Jimon, Lena Davidoff, Arty Nelson, Bobby Kang, Tross Robles, Bettina Korek, Marika Munro, Christina Curry, Colin Donahue, Alex Marshall, China Chow, Chuck Wendlandt, Erasto Armendaric, Sean Barron, Dani Drasin, David Thompson, Julie Miyoshi, Jonah Freeman, Vera Neykov, Joel Israel, Jose Parla, Kelly Lamb, Liz Dean. Other Details: Combining the work of 9 different influential New York-based artists, "Post 9-11" contains pieces in all forms of media that in their own unique ways represent the state of New York and artistic society in the past decade. Likewise, the show opening, at the relatively new OH Wow Gallery in West Hollywood, drew actors, artists, and all different kinds of people tied into the L.A. cultural scene. Guests sipped sparkling wine while pouring over the work of the collective, which includes some of the last pieces from art world bad boy Dash Snow, who died in 2009. [photo via]

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