LCD Soundsystem Final Show Streams Live, L.A. Copes With A Breakup

by guestofaguest · April 4, 2011

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    To the horror of mustachioed hipsters and electro enthusiasts everywhere, Saturday night was the very last time LCD Soundsystem played at anyone's house (sorry, couldn't resist working that in there somehow). Why, James Murphy, why?!

    As their final show before a (supposed) split for good, Saturday night L.A. fans and mourners came out to watch it all go down one last time at Madison Square Garden, albeit from 3,000 miles away at Smashbox Studios in Culver City. Guests were able to watch the band's final show in a livestream where they were joined by fellow titans of indie, Arcade Fire and surge of balloons (not a bad way to go out we must say).

    Meanwhile, here in PST, Smashbox attendees enjoyed LCD on screen and coped the same everyone does with any breakup: eating their feelings with the help of food trucks and numbing the pain with alcohol.  A PERFECT SATURDAY NIGHT post-breakup wallow session in our book! LCD, YOU WILL BE MISSED!!