Lessons In Picking Up Chicks At The Kings Of Leon After Party

by Emily Green · July 13, 2010

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    During and after the Kings of Leon concert last night at the Hollywood Bowl, The Hideout, a convenient stone's throw away down Highland, hosted a party in honor of the big show. But never mind the concert; guys knew the raspy southern crooning of the chart-topping band would draw wide-eyed, love-thirsty females and swooped in to get their mack on.

    Guests filled the Hollywood Heights Hotel watering hole all through the night while swilling cocktails and enjoying the sounds provided by DJ Crash, who made sure to play plenty of Kings of Leon for the occasion. And apparently the perfect mood music for spitting game...

    Mr. Personality puts on a show of his own while she just smiles and nods.

    This guy's actually pretty convincing at acting like he's interesting in what she's saying.


    But no game playing here. He's just being real about what he wants.

    Looks like someone closed a deal!

    But this guy's still a couple beers away...

    Oh, and the classic creep from behind to show her he's smooth with his effortless charm. Women LOVE that! He's so in!