Los Angeles Magazine's 50th Anniversary Party Makes 'Future Memories'

by Alex Gilman · June 16, 2011

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    What's the best way to celebrate a milestone birthday? How about a big party full of friends, well-wishers, food & drink, and a totally amazing cake? Because that's how Los Angeles Magazine decided to celebrate its 50th Anniversary last night with a blowout gala in the Variety Building, and we were on hand to toast to fifty more years (and hopefully another cake).

    Once inside, a guest list that included George Takei, Jenna Elfman, Rodney Bingenheimer, Jeff Lewis, KCBS' Laura Diaz, and city officials like Councilwoman Jan Perry sipped wine, sampled a series of hors d'oeuvres themed after historic L.A. eateries, and reminisced about the past, present and future of our city and the magazine that's covered it for the last half-century. As part of it's "Future Memories" theme and in anticipation of 2061's 100th Anniversary Party, guests were asked to write down predictions for L.A.'s next fifty years, to be sealed in a time capsule alongside back issues of the magazine and special items, such as a Matt Groening-signed Simpsons script.

    And in case you were worried, there was enough cake for everyone.

    Jenna Elfman, Bodhi Elfman

    Rodney Bingenheimer