Opening Reception For Shepard Fairey's 'Printed Matters' At Subliminal Projects

by guestofaguest · September 17, 2010

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    The latest exhibit of street art's golden child, Shepard Fairey, opened last night at Subliminal Projects- and not a single pop art-loving hipster missed it.Shepard Fairey needs no introduction thanks to his iconic Barack Obama Hope Poster and years of canvasing L.A. with his Obey graphics. His one-man exhibition, Print Matters, kicked off in L.A. yesterday and is comprised of a collection of Fairey's printed work from over the years, including wood, album covers, metal, and fine art on paper. The exhibition is meant to preserve the use of printing in the midst of this digital era, which is quite refreshing amongst all the pixels and LCD screens. Fairey explains:

    "Some people say print is on its way out, that it will be wiped out by digital media, but I say you can never replace the provocative, tactile experience of an art print on the street or in a gallery. Printing still matters."

    The gallery was packed with an alternative crowd of Fairey fans who cooed as they observed his varied yet distinctly Fairey works. His hipster following got a chance to appreciate one of his lesser known talents when the artist got behind the turntables and played DJ at the party. Assuming this role, he takes on his alter ego DJ Diabetic (he has diabetes) and spins at clubs whenever he needs a break from the art world. You know, because he's Shepard Fairey and can kind of do whatever he wants and still be cool.

    The exhibit is one you don't want to miss, so check it out before it closes on October 9th!