RADD® - The Entertainment Industry's Voice For Road Safety - presented #RADDNightLive! Acoustic at Mr Musichead Gallery, a free show featuring acoustic performances by Chris Pierce, Sarah Rogo, Chelsea Williams, MAWD & Jesse Palter, in support its DUI awareness campaign. During their sets, the artist’s gave their own, personalized shout-outs to promote responsible driving, encouraging the crowd to consider the consequences of drinking and driving.

RADD® has been partnering with emerging music talent in a peer-to-peer program designed to reduce DUI arrests and fatalities, by encouraging everyone to “plan ahead” with a designated driver, ride share, Uber, Lyft or taxi before heading out for the evening. RADD’s message is “have fun, plan ahead.” Because drinking and driving is not an option.

RADD® has partnered with KAABOO Del Mar Discovery Tour, Uber, KROQ’s Weenie Roast (radio spots) iHeart Media, Malibu Guitar Festival, Jam In The Van (Outside Lands, Coachella) and LA Crawl among others.

RADD’s successful DUI Awareness campaign is on more than 53 college campuses in Southern California with a combined student population of over1,000,000, backed by a grant from the California Office Of Traffic Safety (OTS) through the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA/USDOT).

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