Royal/T Hosts The Emily The Strange Masquerade

by YOLANDA EVANS · October 27, 2010

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    It was a rather unique affair last night at the Emily the Strange Kitty Masquerade to celebrate her pop-up store at Royal/T. The internationally known comic's creator Rob Reger was in the house as he explained to the crowd how she came to be and the upcoming movie with Chloe Moretz.

    Being that it was a masquerade party, most guests came prepared in outlandish outfits like the Queen of Hearts, Clifford the dog, a fork and knife set, and even to guy who decided to wear a sombrero, mask and a matching shirt and pants. We don't know what he was, but at least he got into the spirit of things. Even cute kiddies pranced around the joint as little Emily the Strange and goth girls. For those less creative folks, kitty masks were for sale for $1 with all proceeds going to the Emily the Strange Foundation, encouraging teens to be their own person.

    The real treat of the night besides the fun people watching was from the School of Rock, a kids' band inspired by the Jack Black movie.  With their punk look of shaved hair, ripped tights and black clothes that Emily would so approve of, these chicks knew how to wow the crowd and it was hard to believe they're all under 18. Once the show was over, DJ Alphabeast rocked the night away as guests nibble on strange tacos and black kitty cupcakes while sipping on wine and beer as they did some browsing in the retail store.

    As the night went on, the freaks really did come out at night as more and more guest came to party in colorful wigs, painted faces and party frocks of bright and shiny things. Emily would have definitely approved.