Sampling Style At The Jeffery-Kara Salon Tasting

by Alex Gilman · June 8, 2011

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    You always want to taste something before you commit to it. That's why a sommelier will let you sip the wine you order, or why Panda Express is always giving out those toothpicks of sesame chicken in the food court. So why should a salon be any different? At least, that was the logic behind the Spaphile-hosted "Salon Tasting" that took place yesterday evening at the Jeffery-Kara Salon & Boutique in West Hollywood.

    By offering guests the opportunity to sample a complimentary blowout and styling, as well as the more traditional tastings of drinks and appetizers, the salon was surely hoping to impress their guests enough to snag a few repeat clients, and based on the smiles of pretty much everyone in the photos, we're guessing it worked out. And since event sponsor is kind of like a Groupon for local salons, I guess the whole endeavor is pretty recession-friendly, at least as far as West Hollywood hairstyling goes. Let's just hope for the sake of Jeffery-Kara's bottom line that the promise of free blowouts doesn't lure the "Jersey Shore cast" out of Seaside Heights. Because those guys could really burn through your gel supply.