Semi Precious Weapons' After Party Takes Over SPiN Hollywood

by Emily Green · August 13, 2010

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    What do Semi Precious Weapons and Jamie Foxx have in common? Probably nothing except for that fact they they were both hamming it up last night at SPiN Hollywood. The band held a private after party for night one of their two-day L.A. stint with the Monster Ball Tour at the new, trendy ping pong social club where guests could get in some paddle action over cocktails. Well, that is if Foxx let them take a turn. He was a total animal at the baseline for most of the night, nearly wetting himself when he walked in to find that the party involved ping pong and ran back out to his car to fetch his paddle.

    Although it was portrayed as some loft-like space on the roof a big building overlooking the city in an episode of "Entourage" a few weeks ago, the real ping pong club is located off of the lobby in the Mondrian.  Despite the fictionalized aspects of trendy new spot, Soo Yeon Lee, the fierce Asian who played John Stamos' ping pong trainer really is a pro at SPiN, and was there kicking ass and taking names while sporting some fishnets and heels. Yeah, she's hardcore like that.

    When the Semi Precious Weapons boys rolled in around 1am with their ever-present pack of wild child ladies with a penchant for flashing, Justin Tranter kind of stole Foxx's spotlight as that hot bitch stomped in wearing silver stiletto boots and more eyeliner than Taylor Momsen. From there it kind of turned into what you might expect from the glam rock brigade. You know, dancing atop furniture in five-inch heels, champagne spraying, dry humping on ping pong tables, and some nip slips.