Tequila Appreciation Night At Malo

by guestofaguest · July 1, 2010

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    Last night, Silver Lake's Monday night taco destination, Malo, hosted a special sit down tasting and dinner with Herradura Antiguo Tequila for their Tequila Appreciation Society fiesta.  Guests enjoyed a variety of spicy salsas, tacos, ceviches and some special tequila selections to wash it all down.

    Although the room was decorated with piñatas, a necessity for any Mexican-themed gathering, there was no bat-swinging to get to the candy inside. You know, because blindfolded, staff-wielding tequila-sauced adults could be dangerous.  The Mexican agave liquor makes people do some crazy things but these guests kept it pretty civilized as they sipped on the shots and cocktails at the proper dinner party table.  We're thinking holding your tequila with dignity must be one of the requirements to become a member of the Society.