The Cobrasnake's Endless Birthday Grand Finale

by guestofaguest · July 23, 2010

    C.C. Sheffield, Mark Hunter

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    Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter's Endless Birthday finally came to a close Wednesday night with a grand finale to the four-day binge at The Cobra Shop.  Good thing, too, because the non-stop celebrations since Sunday night's Cannonball rager have left us and a bunch of FannyPack-wearing, mustachioed hipsters exhausted.

    The epic birthday bender provided everyone who partook with memorable nights that included a performance by Mickey Avalon, DJ set by Diplo, and even some naughty stripteasing.  But all good things must come to an end, and what better place to culminate The Cobrasnake's birthday extravaganza than his ultra cool shop?

    Friends and fans gathered in his new Hollywood outpost to give him one last hurrah, this time taking a more low-key approach with video games, one DJ, and his unique selection of vintage merch to toast the big 2-5. But don't mistake relaxed and chill for boring -- as if Hunter would really go out like that! No, no, he has a reputation to uphold. Thank goodness C.C. Sheffield was there to up the ante in the form of a striptease performance and lap dance for the man of the hour.

    Mark Hunter, C.C. Sheffield Mark Hunter, C.C. Sheffield

    Happy birthday, Cobrasnake, can't wait for next year's birthday shenanigans!