GenJuice And Geeks Love Each Other

by MADELEINE STARKEY · July 23, 2010

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    In this day and age, the terms "geek" and "nerd" no longer possess the negative connotations they once did.  Whereas geeks and nerds were once social pariahs, they now rule the world.  Ours is an electronic epoch, and you can't really be tech savvy without being a geeky nerd.  Deal with it and get your geek on, like the cats who put together the GenJuice Tour.

    Earlier this month, GenJuice stopped in D.C.  There are only a few stops left on the tour, and every stop has occurred in cities rife with hungry, ambitious kids who are chomping at the bit to kill it.

    According to its website, GenJuice's mission is:

    "to encourage, mobilize and connect over 1,300 young people across the nation to start projects and companies by connecting them together and equipping these young go-getters with the resources they need to succeed."

    GenJuice's D.C. stint took place at the always progressive Affinity Lab.  A collaborative work environment, Affinity Lab was a natural location for the GenJuice Tour, as both Affinity Lab and GenJuice work to support the mission of individuals and small groups who hustle hard to establish their community-based ventures.

    GenJuice Tour features "unconferences" the goal of which is to collaborate as much as possible on discussion topics; people email back and forth before hand to decide on discussion focuses. This approach couldn't be more in line with Affinity Lab's mantra:

    Along with the managed business infrastructure, membership at Affinity Lab also means being a part of a community of coworkers a culture of people, a circle of friends, who are also in the process of developing their entrepreneurial businesses and organizations. When members see connections, they often partner with one another, backstopping and expanding each other’s capabilities and skills or forming entirely new ventures.