The Truth About The Opening Of SBE's The Redbury

by Emily Green · October 25, 2010

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    Anticipation filled the air last week for the grand opening of The Redbury. As Sam Nazarian's latest development from SBE in Hollywood, we thought the venue probably wouldn't end up being our scene once it opens, but it should at least be good party. I mean, you can always count on Persians to throw a really extravagant event. (If you've ever been to a Persian's wedding or bar mitzvah, you understand).

    With the spotlights lighting up the sky as we approached the building, we tried to suppress cynical thoughts like "I hope this isn't a total douche brigade" and told ourselves this would be good party. But then we entered the hotel's lobby only to realize it was brimming with randoms and "The Hills" rejects.  Suddenly the party didn't feel cool or exclusive at all! We were just invited as space fillers like everyone else.

    And it wasn't just the lobby--the hotel's restaurant, event space, outdoor deck, library bar and more were packed.  Have you ever been to a really huge New Year's Eve party where you know all of your friends are too but you can't actually find them? It felt kind of like that. Except there were old people.

    Watch out for the spilt wine!

    Such a vast guest list to ensure the space is dense with bodies undoubtedly takes away from the event's exclusivity and hip factor. For example, I can recall seeing at least two blazers with skulls embroidered on the back. And in the bathroom while Camp Freddy was playing, a group of about six or seven girls had no idea who Dave Navarro was.  That is, until their friend interjected: "You guys! he was married to Carmen Electra!", followed by a resounding "Ohhhh, yeah..." We had no words.

    Don't get us wrong, the event was excessive like we expected, complete with peacock women, a centerpiece of ladies in lingerie and candlestick head/neck pieces, trays of wine and champagne circulating, tables and trays of food, little men as bellhops manning the elevator, and performances by Camp Freddy and Macy Gray. Plus, the ratio of guests to people working the event was probably something like 2:1. No, they definitely didn't scrimp for this.

    As far as the decor of the hotel, it was nicely done and very reminiscent of the SLS, perhaps a little homier. But it certainly does not equate to the "authentic, bohemian counter-culture feel" as stated in its press release, unless the old rock posters framed on the wall by the first floor bathrooms are what they're referring to.

    The truth is it was pretty much what we had expected: a red carpet event with maybe a handful of guests who legitimately belong on it, extravagance that knows no limits, and a nice new modern hotel with the trademark SBE finishes filled with enough people to make it seem like a cool party on the surface. Wait, we take that back, we did not expect the little bellhops--they were delightful surprise!