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While most of the town was preoccupied with Oscar weekend hysteria and how to finagle an invite to the Weinstein or Vanity Fair parties, the launch of Terrywood was the premier destination for everyone from Tom Ford, Jeffrey Deitch, and Tyler The Creator to Paz De La Huerta and James Franco Friday night. The line nearly stretched down to Nobu as countless celebrities, hipsters, scensters and eccentrics put on their best "look at me" outfit for everyone's favorite uncle, Terry Richardson, at the opening of his very first solo exhibition in Los Angeles at OHWOW art gallery on La Cienega.

[Clockwise from top left: Tom Ford, James Franco, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Jared Leto, Tyler The Creator]

If you could pass the wall of waiting BMWs and vintage Volvos in the valet and get through the dense line of local "cool kids," your entrance to the show was the ubiquitous L.A. red carpet, but this time open to all attendees for their moment in front of the flashbulbs.