Viceroy Hosts Causecast's 'Cause On The Rocks'

by Zoe Brunn · September 15, 2010

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    LA-ers love to drink (who doesn't?), dance, and mingle, so generally any excuse to partake will do, especially if it's for a greater good. That's why last night's 'Cause on the Rocks' brought out dozens of Angelenos itching for an after-work happy hour to the Viceroy Santa Monica. The monthly Causecaust event gives us altruism in the form of a mixer, bringing cause-minded people together in support of the month's given foundation in a fun and relaxed environment.

    Guests vibed with the live music of L.A.-based group, Taylor Locke and The Roughs, chatted with fellow charity supporters, an sipped on summery cocktails in the beautiful outdoor poolside space of the Viceroy. So...where does the charity element come in? All proceeds from the night's VeeV Acai Lemonade cocktail special benefited the Concern Foundation and Concern 2, organizations dedicated to raising funds for cancer research worldwide. If you want in on giving back with some guilt-free cocktailing, check out Causecast's next L.A. event and drink up!