VIDEO: Tyler The Creator Choke-Slammed By Security, Crowd Diving, Being Generally Insane At Gucci Mane Show

by Alex Gilman · March 8, 2012

    Tyler The Creator is not a normal human being. This information may not come as too much of a surprise if you've ever heard of him, but it bears repeating: there's something wonderfully abnormal going on inside this young man's head. Which is why we enjoyed reporting on the Gucci Mane event last week, where Tyler, perhaps all hopped up on the corn syrup from his beloved Capri Suns, bum-rushed the stage, was escorted off, and then gloriously returned. But to really get a sense of how ridiculous it was, you've got to watch the video.

    Music blog FREDDYO directed us to this YouTube video, where you can clearly see Tyler rush the stage from the left side of the screen at about the 3:24 mark, attempt to break into a dance move, and immediately get choked by the biggest dude you've ever seen. He then returns to the stage, flails about like a lunatic, and leaps into the crowd. Just another "gnar" day in the life of Odd Future!

    In case you missed our earlier recap of The Hundreds x G Shock Launch Event where all of this craziness went down, check it out here!