Yotam Solomon Does Fashion Week, L.A. Style

by Emily Green · March 26, 2010

    Monet Mazur, Yotam Solomon, Nikki ReedNikki Reed, Christian Serratos, Brent Bolthouse, Lisa D'Amato, Monet Mazur, Izabella Miko and Kylie Bisutti turned out for the Yotam Solomon Fall/Winter 2010 preview in the Hollywood Hills. Groomed in LA as a designer, former model Solomon was the toast of night and stayed true to local form for his collection's debut.

    You know an event held at a home in the hills is worth going to when the valets pause mid-conversation on their blackberries to halt you in the street, tell you there's nowhere left to park, and to find a spot on the street. Even though your GPS still reads  .4 miles until you reach your destination and you're expected to walk your ass up the rest of the way.  The arrivals were quite a sight: herds of folks decked out in their finest sweating and panting after trekking half a mile at a 30° incline uphill.  This was the case for anyone who arrived after 8pm (the event started at 7:30).  Apparently this is always the case with events hosted at the estate of Peter Kraus up Sunset Plaza, frequently utilized for such functions of this nature.

    Models in Yotam Soloman Models in Solomon's designs

    Monet MazurYotam Solomon, CariDee English Monet Mazur, Yotam Solomon, CariDee English

    Inside were the usual staples: cocktails, photographers, and models for centerpieces in Solomon's designs as they flanked the furniture in the middle of the main room. The alcohol ran out pretty quickly as boisterous crowd of guests mingled and buzzed around while the models barely moved, except to pose for photographers. At one point Lisa D'Amato freestyled for me. Yes, she proudly busted flows when I inquired about her music career.

    Monet Mazur, Nikki Reed, Yotam Solomon Monet Mazur, Nikki Reed, Yotam Solomon

    Lisa D'Amato, Kylie Bisutti

    Nikki Reed, Brent Bolthouse Nikki Reed, Brent Bolthouse

    As things began to wind down and guests started filtering out, some lingered to give an impromptu piano and singing performance which was surprisingly good. When it was finally time to leave, guests enjoyed yet another noteworthy display: all the ladies in stilettos and mini-dresses shuffling and baby-stepping all the way back down to their cars--pure comedy.