Don't Forget To Vote Today: L.A. Tips & Shortcuts

by Emily Green · November 2, 2010

    Fellow Los Angelites, in the last week you've probably received reminders by a host of A-list celebrities and maybe even President Obama via robocalls to cast your vote on this fine election day. I even got a ring from Morgan Freeman last night! So if you haven't yet, here are some helpful tips and information to make the process of hitting your polling place a little bit easier:

    Do you know where your local polling place is? Just go HERE and enter your street address to find out. Once you do, you can prep yourself by downloading a copy of the ballot. Directions for all of this are spelled out for the dimmest of folk to comprehend so you should be in great shape by the time you hit the polls.

    County Registrar Polling Place locator and sample ballot

    Know what you want to vote for? The L.A. Times has put together this very handy cheat sheet that lists all candidates, L.A. Times articles related to them, their background, websites, and political stances. It also breaks down all propositions on this election's ballot and explains exactly what each one is about. These crib notes do all the work for you and a read through them can help save you time when casting your vote.

    [Top photo by Reed Saxon/AP via]