Hey L.A., April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month!

by Morgan Stewart · April 5, 2011

    Another day, another white girl problem. If you've also been victim to the seemingly extra merciless parking enforcement's "love" letters left on your windshield every other day (or is that just us?) then you should take special note of this one because your bank balance has already taken a hit.  April is now officially "Distracted Driving Awareness Month" in the great sate of California. So what does this mean for you?

    Aside from our beloved LAPD giving us another reason (and desire) to utter the phrase "FUCK THE POLICE", you best go hands-free, and, no, putting the phone on speaker while holding it doesn't count. The "awareness" officially began this morning at 6am. For the remainder of the month, police are instructed to be on high alert for all you dangerous drivers who are texting and on their phones. We know you know better and probably escaped some near collisions while trying to stay current on that all important Twitter feed. We're guilty, too.

    So just leave it be, I promise the current status of your friend's relationship will be far less interesting, once you're having to dip into what's supposed to be your (taupe + gold hardware) Birkin fund, to pay off that pesky ticket you received. I would take this free advice and run with it. Happy driving sans texting. [Top photo via; bottom photo via]