In Case You Didn't Realize, There's Going To Be Some Minor Carmageddon This Weekend

by guestofaguest · March 2, 2012

    So how much do your weekend plans revolve around the Valley? Let's hope not all that much, because despite not receiving even a fraction of the attention of last July's 50+ hour full closure, the Mulholland Bridge work is rolling on this weekend, with Caltrans scheduled to shut down the 405 nightly (one side at a time) between Getty Center Drive and Ventura for six nights between today and the 13th. Oh, and if that's not enough, they're closing the 110 completely. Fun!Perhaps not wanting another overly hyped media spectacle, the official buzz on these closures has been far less dramatic, with a few tweets from the Caltrans District 7 (L.A. County) official feed and some fairly calm announcements on the DOT website. But here's how the facts break down:

    •At 10 p.m. tonight and tomorrow (Friday & Saturday), Caltrans will begin closing southbound lanes on the 405 between Ventura and Getty Center Drive. The southbound 405 will be fully closed between midnight and 5 a.m.

    •The same pattern, but for the northbound lanes, will repeat on Monday and Tuesday. It will repeat again for the southbound lanes on March 12-13.

    •The 110 between Figueroa and the 101 will be fully closed (although some reports say only northbound) between 10 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday.

    So there you have it. Not exactly Carmageddon writ large, but more than enough to eff up your whole life if you made the mistake of trying to go see a Friday night movie in Sherman Oaks or something. And as any experienced L.A. resident can tell you, the worst isn't finding out the freeway is closed and recalculating your route home. No, the worst is when you're already on the 405, only to discover to your infinite horror that they're almost done closing lanes, and you have literally no option but to spend two skull-melting hours limping to the last open off-ramp. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

    And as for the 110, if you ever, at any time, think it's a good idea to take that thing, you're the architect of your own destruction. Frankly, I'm not sure how you'd be able to even tell the difference.