No Lunar Eclipse For L.A., But Let's Pretend With These Photos

by Emily Green · December 21, 2010

    Thanks to this rain that's brought us so much joy since last week, L.A. got seriously shafted in last night's global event that was the first full lunar eclipse in nearly three years.  We really have no right to ever complain about weather here, but I think we're entitled to be upset when we're excluded from a world-wide astronomical phenomenon. [Photo via]

    Since Mother Nature's timing sucks, fog and rain that filled our skies last night made for very poor visibility. But we can still take pleasure in the amazing event with photos of the nighttime sky from all over the world. Like, everywhere BUT here. Enjoy...

    First Shadows of Earth on the moon Over Scotland

    Partial eclipse over Vladivostok, Russia; Half-eclipse seen behind Washington Monument over D.C.

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Mexico City, Mexico

    ...Aaaand NYC.

    [Photos 2-5 via, last photo via]