Our Beaches Got A Great Report Card, But...

by Emily Green · May 26, 2010

    Their water still ranks amongst the worst in the state. But baby steps in the right direction, everyone! The annual report card, administered by Heal the Bay stated that L.A. County beaches' water quality has improved considerably since last year. Based on survey that compared the amount of bacterial pollution in the water of L.A.'s 86 beaches from March of last year to that of last month, about 79%  earned A's and B's on the Heal the Bay A through F letter grade scale.

    Meanwhile, seven of the 86 beaches flunked, as in big, fat F's, which is actually an improvement from last year's 15. And guess which one's been a constant on the "Beach Bummer" list of failures. Santa Monica Municipal Pier. Eeek. Kind of horrifying when you think of all the people running around on the beach and chasing their kids into the water you can see from the pier on a Saturday in July. Sunset Beach in the Palisades was also on the "Bummer" list, so please stay out of the water there too. It's quite literally an ocean of filth and a quick dip is not worth the risk of becoming a human petri dish.

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