RIP Free Failed Parking Meters, We'll Miss You

by Emily Green · September 8, 2010

    Parking is invariably one of every Angeleno's top five gripes about living here, so stumbling upon free parking has the power to turn a day from mediocre to good.  And there's nothing like that special feeling you get when you find a space at a meter flashing "fail", provided you weren't the one who deliberately failed it by jamming the coin slot.

    Well people, consider the days of those lucky finds that inspire a little extra spring in your stride history.  The city has begun a slow process of replacing the old meters (and kind of primitive if you think about it... like who carries change anymore? Oh, just a second while I fetch my coin pouch!) with new solar-powered ones that take credit card and are much less likely to fail.  In fact, there's a less than 1% chance they malfunction, according to the Transportation Department.

    And in the off chance you come across that less-than-1%, no dice, friends -- you can't park there or you'll get a ticket. How rude! Can you even believe the nerve? Taking steps to update faulty public transportation systems that are completely antiquated is totally uncalled for, L.A. Transportation Department!

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