The Cobrasnake Is Back To Invading Yard Sales

by LIZ JENEAULT · March 9, 2010

    [All Photos by The Cobrasnake]

    The Cobra Shop has seemingly become Mark Hunter's latest muse (or way to make money). His online closet of hand-me-down, "cream of the crop," hipster clothing is the newest go-to shop spot. And can you guess which city Mr. Hunter chose to grace his duds' with yesterday? Why Paris, of course!

    We remember when The Cobrasnake first started invading yard sales--back in 2008! Oh, what nostalgia it brings...

    If it slipped your memory, those were the days when Miss Cory Kennedy reigned as "top dog" of the "female hipster muse realm." Or rather, those were the days before the "female hipster muse realm" got way too competitive.

    Regardless, we couldn't forget this video from the 2008 Paris yard sale--I mean, it opens with Cory munching down on a bag of Pop Rocks, how precious!

    So, have Paris yard sales changed as much as the muses on The Cobrasnake have (or haven't)? Doesn't seem so! Mark is still rocking Jeremy Scott pieces, still in collaboration with RVCA, and still photographing young models--some things never seem to change!

    Did The Cobrasnake and RVCA take over Paris fashion week? With this type material bag, we're guessing not...

    Do we have a hipster ho-down on our hands? We thought that was only in America!