Coachella is Suing Free People... Wait, What?

by Millie Moore · March 17, 2017

    Festival season is upon us, and where else do we go to for our festival wardrobe but overpriced vintage shops such as "What Goes Around Comes Around," thrift shops on St. Marks, and - if we're not feeling like falling down the Etsy rabbit hole - Free people?

    Well, Coachella is now suing Free People and Urban Outfitters (who happens to own Free People) for copyright infringement.

    *Record scratch on a limited edition vinyl record of the "Dazed and Confused" soundtrack on an artisanal record player you bought in a vintage shop in a back alley all the way in Camden when you were over there for Glastonbury* 

    Wait, what?

    That's right, Coachella, which is infamous for capitalizing off of cultural appropriation such as ripping off Indian bindis and making sacrosanct Native American headdresses into some sort of fashion statement is suing FREE PEOPLE for copyright infringement. So, Pot, meet Kettle. You're both black.

    Coachella alleges that Free People is monetizing their "distinctive" brand by selling festival swag geared towards Coachella attendees even though Coachella already made a deal with H&M that they alone have the rights to design and sell attire specialized for Coachella. Free People is notorious for selling hippy dippy, bohemian clothing that is perfect for a day of sand and surf, a yoga retreat, or a festival with friends. So Coachella suing Free People for this is tantamount to the Kentucky Derby suing Lilly Pulitzer and Ralph Lauren for copyright infringement.

    This whole lawsuit is making Coachella look litigious, and lest we say it, tacky. We already knew it was becoming mainstream, but this is a bit ridiculous.We'd rather be buying molly off of shady dealers, getting weird tan lines from crochet tank tops, and waiting in ridiculously long lines for a port-a-potty at a festival that is a little less contentious and a lot more "power to the people"...think Nativa, Bonnaroo, or somewhere more luxe like #C2CMLN (however you pronounce that one).   

    [Photo via @coachella]