Gucci Is Hosting Their Own Music Festival

by Stephanie Maida · March 16, 2017

    While, surprisingly, it won't be 1970s-themed, it is sure to be just as trippy. Dubbed #C2CMLN, the mini electronic music festival is taking place on March 30th at Gucci's brand new HQ in Milan. The Gucci Hub will open the doors of its 41,441-square-foot restored airplane hangar for lucky attendees to take in the sounds of Arca (a collaborator of Kanye West's), Amnesia Scanner, Gaika, and Toxe. 

    The event is related to Italy's Club to Club festival which kicks off in November, and while it is invite only, you can apply for access HERE. Let's just say it'll be worth the trip.

    [Photo via @gucci]