In honor of New York's impending blizzard and ever-present sense of style, we need to talk about one of the most underrated fashion staples that keeps you the coziest: the onesie.

Yes, the onesie.

Like taking multiple naps a day and crying to get what you want, onesies aren't just for babies. An easy go-to to wear over your Lululemons while walking to barre class or for the morning after a drunken night out on the town, onesies are an effortless way to be both cute and comfy at the same time - emphasis on the comfy. The uniform for a miserable New York winter is normally all black, as if you're going to a funeral for good weather, friendly smiles, and basic human decency. But let's not fall into that trap.

Psychological studies have demonstrated how nostalgia brings you back to an idealized time and an idealized emotional state, which is why you feel giddy when you see a Boy Meets World marathon and can't resist tumbling down the YouTube rabbit hole for hours and hours by watching music videos you used to watch on TRL (R.I.P.). So wearing a onesie that's both stylish and snug not only keeps you warm, it boosts your endorphins! 

Check out some celebs who are bringing onesies back!

[Photo via @onepiece]