Which Hilton's Closet Would You Rather Raid, Paris's Or Kathy's?

by Guest of A Guest · August 16, 2021

    Paris Hilton's closet is... well, exactly what you'd imagine.

    It's glamorous, it's jam packed, it feels just a little bit like a sparkly mess, and it's got every color under the rainbow!

    And her mother Kathy's closet? Let's just say the apple did not fall far from the fashionable tree.

    While the pièce-de-résistance of Paris's closet is her custom Hermès Birkin, a pink beauty covered in over 60,000 Swarovski crystals, one of Kathy's most loved style staples is a pink Hermès Kelly. Paris has her Halloween Phoenix costume, covered in feathers and sequins. Kathy has her Yves Saint Laurent velvet cape embroidered with sequin fireworks.

    The one place they differ most, perhaps? Kitten heels!

    So, which Hilton closet would you rather raid?

    [Photo via Valentino]