Prepare To Die Over This Blazer

by Christie Grimm · February 21, 2019

    You know when you see a piece of clothing, and you can't stop thinking about how much better your life would be if only it was yours? For days, weeks, an image burnt into your mind floats about, tempting you with sure happiness and fulfillment.

    While this happens to me way to often (I could point to 6 items off the top of my head that are in current rotation at the moment), the latest addition in my internal shopping carousel is Heidi Merrick's Le Alpi Blazer.

    If you're not familiar with Heidi Merrick, first of all, do yourself a massive favor and give her an intense browse. Specializing in an effortless, brilliant mix of beachy California minimalism and cosmopolitan, sophisticated silhouettes, she will not disappoint.

    A beautiful tailored blazer with the slightest bit of shoulder padding that helps it just hang off the body, covered in snow colored sequins. Perfect for cocktails, a late night out on the town - or, as I would suggest / dream of in my mind, just your average Tuesday, paired with a white tee and a pair of jeans.

    Whichever way you cut it, you need this blazer and I need this blazer. No?