What You Are Missing Out On From Our Newsletter, The Hellers' Exclusive Goods:

by SARAH MANDATO · June 11, 2009

    Our Newsletter is taking New York by storm. With giveaways including a comped weekend, table and bottle service at the Chelsea Hotel; Yigal Azrouel clothing and tickets to our Invitation Only events; our readers get the best of everything. A lucky reader just won a jacket (see photos below) by Los Angeles and Tel Aviv based brother-sister (Yoram and Dania) design superteam, the Hellers. Based in Tel Aviv and L.A., the Hellers produce goods with detail and quality at the forefront. Look for this summer dress (at left) to come next as a giveaway!

    [The Hellers Jacket] An exclusive to GofG, there are only three in existence. The designers produce detailed, quality pieces locally and limit items to preserve originality. Often using internationally sourced Deadstock fabric, we hear the duds can help get you laid. So you missed out? Don't worry, we've got many more surprises up our sleeve. Wait until you see what we have in store for Father's Day. Another giveaway is coming your way tomorrow, so you better hurry and sign up!