The Story Behind Connie Britton's 'Poverty Is Sexist' Sweater

by Millie Moore · January 8, 2018

    Whenever Connie Britton enters a room, people are bound to start talking. And how could they not? Not only has she played one of the most iconic roles on America's favorite show Friday Night Lights, she's also an outspoken feminist who conducts herself with grace and poise. So this year at the Golden Globes she made a statement with her fashion choice - literally.

    Connie was on theme with the rest of the night's attendees, wearing all black in solidarity with the survivors and women speaking out about sexual assault and inequality as part of the Time's Up movement. Unlike her peers, she was wearing a long black skirt and a black cashmere sweater emblazoned with the term "Poverty is Sexist."

    This raised a lot of eyebrows on social media. Not just because of the slogan itself, but because of the price of the garment ($380, a lot more affordable than a couture gown).

    First off, "Poverty Is Sexist" is a movement that endeavors to help disenfranchised women on a global scale. It's hardly an angsty, tone deaf attempt to be controversial. Their mission statement is as follows:

    "130 million girls are not in school right now. That’s 130 million potential engineers, entrepreneurs and political leaders the world is missing out on.  Education is one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against extreme poverty - so it’s an outrage that so many girls are still denied the chance to learn."

    Mary Wollstonecraft, one of history's first outspoken feminists, wrote about how education for women is what will ultimately give them equal opportunities, advance society as a whole, and deconstruct a patriarchal system designed to make it difficult for women to thrive and flourish. It's a petition worth signing to gain the attention of world leaders (LOOKING AT YOU, TRUMP). 

    Lingua Franca is a sweater line that is not only fashion forward, but supports various noble causes. A brainchild of GofG's own founder, Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, Lingua Franca sells sweaters that are made from luxury cashmere and are embroidered by hand right here in NYC. On top of that, $100 from each sweater goes to a charity of your choice. Sure, it's a splurge, but it's on a timeless piece that will last you a long time and it gives back.

    Connie Britton's sweater isn't the first time Lingua Franca has gotten political. The company gained notoriety for their "I Miss Barack" sweaters that were sold when Trump was inaugurated a year ago. And, let's be honest, even though we're well past the inauguration, those "I Miss Barack" sweaters will always be relevant. Starlets and fashionistas such as America Ferrera and Mandy Moore have been spotted wearing these outspoken pieces. Kristen Bell even 'grammed hers on Sunday night.

    Check out some gorgeous sweaters and educate yourself on the ONE Campaign, which is overseeing the Poverty Is Sexist project. You can also get your own Time's Up sweater, with $100 going towards the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund. 

    Instead of picking apart a sweater, let's keep this #MeToo movement going! It's what Tami Taylor would do, and ya'll know she's someone we all aspire to be. Leave the complaining and being a little bitch about the whole thing to Julie Taylor, who totally sucked.

    And with that, we give you one of the greatest Friday Night Lights moments of all time, which perfectly goes hand in hand with the #MeToo movement.

    [Photo courtesy HFPA]